Q: Server names for some common hosters

A: Here you can get some useful tips

You're using hoster XYZ, but do not know what to use as server name?

To help you, we've collected servername data for some common email hosters.
As this data is beyond our control, it might change at any time, so we cannot guarantee its correctness.

Service name Servername
web.de imap.web.de
GMX imap.gmx.net
T-Online secureimap.t-online.de
freenet.de mx.freenet.de
Strato imap.strato.de
1&1/Ionos imap.ionos.de
1&1/Ionos Groupware exchange.ionos.eu
Hetzner mail.your-server.de
Mittwald mail.agenturserver.de
df.de (Domainfactory) sslin.df.eu
A1 Österreich securemail.a1.net
Swisscom imaps.bluewin.ch
gmail imap.gmail.com
yahoo imap.mail.yahoo.com
yandex imap.yandex.com
apple imap.mail.me.com
ONE.com mailout.one.com

Additional data will be added here if available.

Please note: Restrictions may apply when using these services. One of the best know examples is gmail. If you want to use IMAP with your gmail address and don't want to use the gmail app, you need to configure the 'less secure applications' option in the gmail settings to get access via IMAP.

The same or similar restrictions may apply to other services.


This is the help and doc page for email-migration.io

Here you can e.g. read the manual, get help e.g. for the Email migration extension for Plesk

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