Q: I've purchased a license with 5 (10/25/50/100) migrations, how do i install it?

A: This is how to install a additional license in Plesk:

Licenses for the Plesk email migration extension are installed in the Plesk License Management - in Plesk, click "Tools&Settings", goto "License Management" and switch to the Tab "Additional License Keys". Now click the Button "Install Key" and enter your Activation Code. After a successful installation, you should see a new license key in the list, which starts with the letters EXT. , followed by 8 digits, and the 4-digit "run number". Next, you need to open the email migration extension to register your license.


This is the help and doc page for email-migration.io

Here you can e.g. read the manual, get help e.g. for the Email migration extension for Plesk

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