Q: I am using a pop3 server. Can i migrate despite that?

A: That depends:

That depends - most pop3 servers also support imap. However, pop3 and imap use 2 different approaches when it comes to how email messages are stored. Imap stores all email messages on the server - when the user downloads the messages with a client software (e.g. outlook, thunderbird, etc), the messages are still stored on the server. Pop3 on the other hand stores email messages only until they are downloaded by the user - afterwards, the downloaded messages are deleted from the server. If you are already using pop3, chances are high that your email messages are only stored on your local computer, thus the server does not store your email messages making it impossible to migrate.


This is the help and doc page for email-migration.io

Here you can e.g. read the manual, get help e.g. for the Email migration extension for Plesk

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