Q: Determining the duration of a migration in advance

A: It is very hard to impossible to determine the exact duration of a migration. REad on for the reasons why!

We have done many many migrations. Period. So we have a certain experience with this topic, and not even we can tell you exactly in advance how long it will take to migrate your mailbox. Why is this??

Now first, the whole process involves a lot of reasons beyond our control. The most common are:

- Speed of source and target server
- Load of source and target server
- number of mail messages to migrate
- average size of one mail message
- internet link speed of source and target server
- load of internet connection of source and target server
- etc etc

All these factors can have a massive(!) impact on migration duration. And obviously, we have no influence on your, or your providers' server, so all we can do is to start the migration and wait until its finished.

We are completely aware that waiting for a migration to finish requires patience. However, this is all we can say - you need some patience. Thank you for your understanding!


This is the help and doc page for email-migration.io

Here you can e.g. read the manual, get help e.g. for the Email migration extension for Plesk

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